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House project. Home project in Revit

Артикул : House project. Home project in Revit

Home project in Revit

The cost of developing each AR project is individual and is calculated on the basis of the following initial data:

  1. A draft design is the main source document. This section is a concept of the future object. It can be ordered both in our organization and in other architectural offices. Many architectural companies are engaged only in conceptual design and do not commit themselves to further development of design and working documentation of objects, unlike our organization
  2. Object area
  3. Terms of development of project and working documentation
  4. Evaluation of the cost of design work section of the AR project is made only after the customer of the draft project. If the customer does not have a preliminary design, it is necessary to order it from us or in any other design office.

Design of working documentation in Revit

Terms of development of the AR project directly depend on the complexity of the design object and its volume, on the functional purpose of the building. In order to accurately determine and agree on the terms of execution of the project documentation section of the AR project, it is necessary to study in detail the technical specifications of the Customer, Draft design or other documentation. Changes made by the Customer, errors found in the Draft design, the desire to change the General concept or part of it may affect the speed of production of the design documentation of the AR section. In General, thanks to the serious experience of our architects, their technical skills, quickly develops project documentation for transfer to the Customer and makes changes immediately after their approval.

Architectural solutions

from $2 / m2 total area of the house, from $200:

  • Title page
  • Explanatory note
  • Floor plans with explication
  • Plan of the roof
  • Cuts
  • The facades of the table finish
  • Specification of filling openings
  • Specification and cross sections of jumpers
  • Explication of floors
  • The architectural components in structures
  • Technology of development and design of AR projects

The technology is based on the use of the most modern software systems Autodesk Revit.

  1. AR projects are made by experienced architects, in parallel coordination with adjacent sections of engineering and designer is carried out.
    Design is used both on the plane (plans, facades, sections) and three-dimensional design (building models in 3D) in the Revit program.
  2. AR project is made in accordance with the requirements of normative documents, at the request of the Customer, it is possible to make changes in the design of the project.
    Our specialists work in programs such as Autodesk Revit., Tekla Structures, Robot Structural Analysis
  3. Our advantages in the design section of the AR project
  4. Experience of the company more than 17 years
  5. Design of buildings and structures for various functional purposes (administrative, residential, industrial buildings, etc.)
  6. Execution of works within the agreed time
  7. The use of modern software systems to obtain high-quality graphics and three-dimensional visualization of Autodesk Revit., Tekla Structures, Robot Structural Analysis
  8. Completed projects of the AR brand can be issued to the Customer in a format that is convenient for him to read, for example PDF, DWG, in three-dimensional form, in printed form
  9. There is a staff of experienced architects who will help to optimize construction costs by selecting high-quality and inexpensive materials for the future of the building
  10. Very attractive and competitive price for development of design and working documentation of AR brand
  11. What you need to do to order the development of the AR project

To make an application for the development and design of the AR project, please contact the representatives of our organization. After prior approval by phone, you can send us an e-mail draft Design, if available, to assess the cost and scope of project work.