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Project of the house, house designs, architect, house design

Артикул : Project of the house, house designs, architect, house design
Производитель : Mamchyts VA

Individual design of the house, cottage, bath

The project of the house, cottage, households. buildings
We have been designing individual residential houses since 2001.
We perform work in Revit
An individual house project is a voluminous document that takes into account the features of the site, soils, cardinal points, the wishes of future owners regarding the type of house and the floor layout, and also describes in detail the construction technology.
To order a house project is to translate all your dreams and dreams into reality. Finished projects do not quite reflect the individual preferences of the person - they only allow to partially visualize what they want.
Deciding to order a project of a country house, you get a lot of advantages:
• The house will be located on the site as optimally as possible. Architects will take into account the direction of the world, arrange the building so that daylight will penetrate the windows to the maximum, which will allow you to save on electricity.
• The type of soil will be taken into account, which means that the ideal foundation type is selected for it.
• An individual layout will be developed.
• It will be possible to achieve substantial savings due to personal design solutions for floors, foundations.
With us you can develop a project at home being in another region without visiting an office.
All communication with the architect can occur in person, via Viber or e-mail.
Preliminary design
For coordination and obtaining the passport of the developer.

Architectural decisions, constructive decisions)

Structure of the project

  • General information about the project
  • Floor plan
  • Marking plans
  • Facades
  • Cuts
  • Statements of window and door fillings
  • Foundations
  • Floor plans
  • Rafter plans
  • Smoke ventilation ducts
  • Main structural components and parts
  • Material consumption statements

The cost of the project after studying the technical specifications for the design

The estimated cost of design in Revit is $5/m2, $5/10ft2